60 years craftsman inheritance and building industry leader
Founded in 1958, JDPRESS is a subsidiary company of Jiangxi Zhongjing Group and one of the earliest printing machinery manufacturers in China. Today Zhongjing Printing Machinery Co., Ltd. has benefited from decades of research and development experience. JDPRESS has been an innovator in the printing industry for more than 60 years.

Having the largest market share of the sheet-fed multi-color offset printing machinery in China, JDPRESS has successfully expanded into the web printing machinery market. Based on the first multi-function rotary press, the company has
developed the full-rotary offset and the rotary flexo printing machines. These three new models, together with the traditional offset printing presses of JDPRESS, provide more com
Combined aesthetics to restore the color of life in print

From the creation of art to all natural things, color is an important element that makes up our beautiful world. Civilization is also transmitted by printing. Printing is the most temperature industrial category. It will restore color and precision to the extreme. The JDP printing press shows its perfect strength in the printing press field, occupying the domestic market with its high degree of professionalism, and combining modern industrial power into aestheic life.

Process upgrading, Green Efficient Leading Industry Benchmarks
At present, all countries in the world have put forward higher requirements for the green, efficient, and security of the printing industry, and have already become the mainstream of the future development of the global printing industry. Just as JDP has never stopped exploring the emerging printing technology, We have recently developed multi-functional rotary printing machine that has obtained many national invention patents, which can achieve on-line operation of various printing processes such as offset printing, flexo printing, silk printing, cold foil, and die-cutting. It meets the high quality requirements of printing diversity, and lead China's printing machinery manufacturing technology to the world's peak.
Industry status
Standing member of Printing and Printing Equipment Industries
Association of China (PEIAC) stry status
Standing member of National Technical Committee 192 on Printing Machinery
of Standardization Administration of China
Printing Machinery sheet-fed offset Printing Machine responsible for drafting Unit
"Quality Inspection of web Printing Products" and "Offset paper double-sided printing press" drafting Unit
Jiangxi Provincial Business Federation Member Unit
Jiangxi Quality Association Member Unit
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The Top of Printing Machinery Enterprises in China,60 years craftsman inheritance and building industry leader

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