1. Combination of offset and flexo printing - for maximum versatility
2. Developed from the sheet-fed offset press - for optimal print quality
3. Flexo unit is suitable for a variety of substrates - for greater flexibility
4.Flexible application of inline technologies - offers comprehensive solutions
5. Pre-registration and auto registration system - easier to operate
JDO330-series modular label printing machine is the perfect combination of offset and flexo printing. The modules are specifically designed for the label printing industry to ensure extremely high print quality and have the ability to print on a wide variety of materials.
1. Offset-flexo-Combination
  Offset and flexo printing units can be customized upon request. The offset printing unit was developed from the sheet-fed offset printing machine. The unique design of the ink unit allows for the ink and water to be balanced and stabilized quickly

JDO330 series machine is ideal for a variety of substrates from 0.02mm to 0.35mm including paper, film, metal foil, cardboard and other materials. The wide range of acceptable substrates makes this a very versatile machine.
2. Get the highest print quality

Pre-registration system and auto registration system - With the pre-registration system, the plate roller will automatically search for the zero position for registration. Consequently, this system makes it possible to achieve faster changeover time and reduce material loss. The printing process needs no manual adjustment to ensure the best registration. The automatic registration has an accuracy tolerance of 0.01 mm.

Flexible application of inline technologies - Cold foil stamping, laminating and coating can be used for different product requirements.

3. Higher degree of automation makes it operator friendly
  JDO420/330 automation components include: pneumatic roll lift on unwind station, automatic web guide, web break monitoring, automatic adjustment of printing pressure, automatic calculation of the plate length and automatic print registration. In addition, the ink-water balance can also be adjusted to the machine speed automatically.
Optimized design of the offset ink unitUnit
Adjustment handles with servo drives - Presetting the printing pressure, pre-registration and roll pressure are all adjusted with these handles. The operator can conveniently adjust the level of accuracy with the touch screen
Unique adjustment mechanism is designed to handle the most demanding registration requirements
Quick change cylinder - The operator just loosens the screws on the ends of the expansion sleeve to change the cylinder. The sealed oil expansion sleeve is designed for precision and long service life.
Automatic web guide system - The ultrasonic sensor automatically corrects the left and right position when feeding paper or film
Inline flexo printing
* The company reserves the right to change the technical parameters without prior notice. *
Model JDO330
Printing Speed 120m/min 393 ft/min
Offset+Offset Overprinting Precision <=0.035mm .001in
Offset+Flexo Overprinting Precision <=0.07mm .002in
Printing Colors (according to customer requirements) Offset+Flexo
Max.Printing Repeat length 508mm (160 Teeth) 19.9in
Min.Printing Repeat length 412.8mm (130 Teeth) 16.25in
Max. Web Width 330mm 13in
Min. Web Width 160mm (Paper) 6.29in
Max. Printing Width 320mm 12.5in
Model JDO330
Printable Thickness 0.02-0.35mm 20-350micron
Max. Unwind Roll Diameter 1000mm/270Kg 39in/595lbs
Max. Rewind Roll Diameter 1000mm/270Kg 39in/595lbs
Cold Foil Stamping: Max.Unwind Roll&Rewind Roll Diameter 600mm/30Kg 23.6in/66lbs
Max. Die-cutting 508mm 20in
Offset Plate Thickness 0.30mm .01in
Flexo Plate Thickness 1.14mm .04in
Blanket Thickness 1.95mm .07in
Margin 3mm .1in
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