1.Designed for ultra-large, ultra-thick paper printing - greater printing flexibility
2.Short water and ink roller distance with only three-rollers - saving more materials
3.Rollers have high-precision bearing supports - offering greater stability
4.Paper infeed via vacuum - allows the machine to run smoothly
5.Central ink console and touch screen panel - operator friendly control unit
JD41050 folio four-color offset printing machine features short water and ink roller distances to enable a more economical printing with low, or no, alcohol. Suitable for ultra-wide format and 0.8 mm thick paper, 13,000 sheets per hour for high production packaging printing.
1. Optimized for ultra-wide and extra-thick paper substrates
  Five separate fiber inspection sensors are individually located at the paper infeed to identify the feeding errors and lock the paper. The paper-pressing mechanism is equipped with a roller which effectively reduces possible scratches on the back of the paper. With the vacuum suction and the floating paper-feeding technology, the operator can easily adjust the lateral orientation of the paper by simply adjusting the air pressure. The location of the air duct and the hole positions on the air guide plate are precisely engineered to minimize scratches on the paper
2. Operator peace of mind

After viewing the printing proof, the operator can adjust the ink at any time online through the central ink console. Thousands of ink settings can be stored in the ink console and replicated easily. The high-resolution touch screen allows the operator to adjust the process effortlessly.

Pneumatic vacuum transport
Air vacuum paper feeding technology
Touch screen
Central ink console
Feeder with rotary air valve - The feeder mechanism pairs a cam with a linear guide for smooth running. The patented rotary air valve automatically removes impurities on the paper, which helps reduce the failure rate. The upper and lower limits of the paper pile are protected by the feeder Transmission system - a large modulus helical gear accurately maintains transmissions and reduces noise. The lay-on roller is designed for stability and durability with high-speed printing
Separate front gripper
Three-roll alcohol dampening system
* The company reserves the right to change the technical parameters without prior notice. *
Model JD41050
Machine speed 13000sph
Max. Sheet Size 740*1050mm 29*41.3in
Min. Sheet Size 360*520mm 14*20.4in
Sheet Thickness 0.06-0.8mm .002-.03in
Max. Image Area 720*1020mm 28.3*40in
Plate Size 788*1050*0.3mm 31*41*.01in
Model JD41050
Blanket Size 910*1060*1.95mm 35.8*41.7*.07i
Max. Feeder pile height 1180mm 46in
Max. Delivery pile height 1080mm 42.5in
Machine Dimension 9560*3450*2150mm 31.3*11.3*7ft
Total Power of Motors 37kW
Machine Weight (gross) 36000kg 79366lbs
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