1.Combined with offset, flexo or screen printing - tailormade combinations for customers specific needs
2. Flexible application of inline technologies - offers comprehensive solutions
3. Pre-registration and auto registration system - easier to operate
4. Lightweight sleeves - easier handling
5. Shaftless drive and servo drive technology - greater accuracy and precision printing

JDM420 modular multi-function rotary printing machine is ideal for a variety of substratesfrom 0.02mm to 0.35mm including paper, film, metal foil, cardboard and other materials. The wide range of printable substrates makes this a very versatile machine
1. Offset and flexo unit combination
  The ink fountain and the ink feed roller of the offset printing unit are controlled by the cooling water thermostat to maintain the stability of ink viscosity. The flexo unit with anilox sleeves makes sleeve changing quick and easy. Flexo printing can be applied to any printing station through the shared platform technology.
2. Enhanced stabilization with shaftless drive
  From unwinding to printing, die-cutting to rewinding, the whole machine uses servo drive technology. The printing tension is controlled by a closed-loop tension control system which is driven by a servo motor. All the offset printing cylinders (plate, blanket and impression), rubber cylinders and ink and water rollers are driven by separate servo motors for better stability
3. Optimized print management and machine adjustment
  Magnesium aluminum alloy plate and blanket sleeves make changing sleeve sizes quick and easy. Similarly, the printing format can also be changed easily. Using the PMC Print Management Center, the machine parameters can be adjusted at any time through the digital controller. In addition to those functions, the print jobs can be stored and recalled to set the machine for the next job, making it very operator friendly.
Flexible combination of offset and flexo printing
Cold foil stamping unit - Optional configuration, depending on client needs: printing first or cold foil stamping first (either configuration is available.)
Print register sensor - The sensor corrects any registration errors immediately with automatic identification of errors and ensures the stability of registration by recalibrating the printing speed; because of this recalibration, it reduces the rejection rate
Rotary die-cutting
Matrix stripping device PMC Printing Management Center
Drying system - cures the ink efficiently while printing at high-speeds. The circulating cooling water system greatly reduces the shrinking of the material during UV curing process.
Flexo printing unit
* The company reserves the right to change the technical parameters without prior notice. *
Model JDM420
Printing Speed 150m/min 492ft/min
Printing Colors 4-12 Colors
Printing Repeat Length 469.9mm-635mm 1.54ft-2.08ft
Max. Web Width 420mm 1.37ft
Min. Web Width 210mm 8.2in(Paper), 315mm 12.4in (Film Material)
Max. Printing Width 410mm 16in
Printable Thickness 0.04-0.35mm .001in-.01in
Max. Unwind Roll Diameter 1000mm/350Kg 39in/771lbs
Max. Rewind Roll Diameter 1000mm/350Kg 39in/771lbs
Cold Foil Stamping:
Max.Unwind Roll&Rewind Roll Diameter
600mm/40Kg 23.6in/88lbs
Offset Plate Thickness 0.30mm .01in
Model JDM420
Flexo Plate Thickness 1.14mm .04in
Blanket Thickness 1.95mm .07in
Double Sided Adhesive Thickness 0.5mm .05in
Servo Motor Power 16kW/Color
UV Power 7kW/Color
Supply Voltage 3phase, 380V+-10%
Control Voltage/Frequency 220V/50Hz
Machine Dimension 13*2.22*2.28m42.6*7.28*7.4ft/5 Colors
Net Weight: Offset Unit/Flexo Unit 2270kg 5004lbs/Color
Net Weight: Unwinding Unit 1400kg 3086lbs
Net Weight: Die Cutting, Stripping Unit 1350kg 2976lbs
Net Weight: Rewinding Unit 920kg 2028lbs
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