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REISHAUER (Swiss) - CNC Gear Grinding Machine
REFORM (Germany) - Deep Hole machining and Axle Sleeves
B&R (Austria) - Automation
RAMBAUDI (Italy) - Machining Center for Frame Bases
ROCKWELL (America) - Automation
EMAG (Germany) - Camshaft Grinder
INA (Germany) - Bearings
FESTO (Germany) - Pneumatic components
JDM420 Modular Multi-function Rotary Printing Machine
The machines adopt unit type modular combination, which can be used in 4-8 color printing. Each unit can be chosen any printing methods in offset,flexo, screen, and cold foil. They adopt shaftless drive configuration, automatic registration system and pre-registration system
JDO330 Series Modular Label Printing Machine
The optional secondary registration printing can make the machine more widely used.They are ideal machines to print high-grade products, daily chemical products, wine labels, medicine labels
JDF420/330 Series Flexo Printing Machine

With the growing environmental protection efforts in China and the Chinese label printing market, JDP launched the high-production, high-efficient and high-quality JDR series flexo printing press.
JD41050 Folio Four-Color Offest Printing Machine
Machine speed is 13,000 sheets/hour. It is a sharp weapon in packaging and business printing industry. Smooth and stable vacuum feeder with variable speed can easily change size according to different paper size
JD4740-AL New Generation Multi-color Offset Press
According to the development of the printing market, a new generation of multi-color offset printing machine built by a number of national patent technologies is adopted, which adopts automatic pneumatic
PZ1740 Single-color Offset Press
higher requirements for the green, efficient, and security of the printing industry, and have already become the mainstream of the future development of the global printing industry. Just
PZ1660 Single-color Offset Press
The single-color sheet-fed offset printing press occupies the largest market in China, and it is also a classic best-selling product. Excellent performance, stable and reliable, easy to operate and convenient,
Muliufunctional combination,change at any time
Multi-function rotation+flexo+PS+offset four colors=Combined printing solution
Ultimate flexibility with JDPRESS. The press you need,when you need it!
JDPress offers hybrid configurations that are a necessity for increasing production and gaining new business in label printing and converting environments.
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