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China International All in Print Exhibition once every two years Opening at Shanghai New International Expo Center The world's printing industry is gathered here. Publish the most advanced technology and unique perspectives in the printing industry Because of this, we are also able to witness Where has the human progress been going.
China International Printing Technology and Equipment Exhibition (referred to as: China International All In Print Exhibition) is one of the most influential professional exhibitions in China's printing industry. It has been successfully held for six times. For more than ten years, it has been focusing on new hot technologies in the printing industry in the world. It not only builds an exhibition platform for global printing companies, but also promotes trade between supply and demand. It also provides international high-end exchange opportunities for industry professionals to promote the exchange and dissemination of new technologies. The Eye of the East in the World Printing Industry.
As a manufacturer in the field of printing equipment for more than
60 years Accumulated industry veterans
who provide more than 15,000 machines for domestic and foreign customers
JDP web series new JDL420, extended new model JD-XL330
Showed with more than 1,100 exhibitors
With 100,000 professionals
Witness innovation in this era
Those who have not come to the site will follow us for a tour.
Gates No. 3 and No. 8 of E6 Hall reach the booth of JDP
Entering the exhibition hall
The "JDP Blue", which is simple, bright and restrained, is firmly eye-catching.
JDL, JD-XL slender gesture,
Tension-shaped profile, smooth design,
Practicalist simplification of aesthetics
As a new rotary printing machine built by JDP,
In addition to the 330, 420 two formats to meet the needs of different customers,
There is also a domestic first shared platform technology and a flexible online combination to meet different terminal needs.
Ensuring the printing effect and excellence.
Intelligent control, stability and reliability of the machine,
Full of control of the "future"
The source of the terminal product is relatively stable, the process is relatively simple, and there is no need for a combined process. The R&D team creates a combined printing solution for the user, and the JD-XL330 is born.The product design is based on the customer's point of view, based on the principle of practicality, ensuring the production efficiency and the quality, the purchase budget is reduced by 50%. In the future, customers need to add a new process to plan the foundation. Simply add units to complete the upgrade. Everything is retrofitted on the original equipment, and there is no need to spend huge costs to add the whole set of equipment. The performance is the first.The JD-XL330 is equipped with an automatic overprinting and pre-positioning system, which reduces the dependence on the operator on the basis of ensuring high-precision overprinting. Lightweight sleeve rollers make it easy to change jobsThe ink separation design idea of the heavy-duty offset printing machine is finely printed, which makes the offset printing layer more delicate.Based on offset printing, with online flexo printing, it can realize reverse printing, partial glazing, seamless glazing, cold foil, laminating and other combination processes. It is an ideal model for printing daily labels, food labels and anti-counterfeiting labels.
Knowing what customers think can be recognized by customers
Facing the era of rapid change
Explore the road ahead with insight from the wisdom
To be able to control the time and create new achievements
Ten years of grinding a sword, 300mm~600mm full-rotation full-servo shaftless multi-functional combined
printing machine, multiple printing methods share the platform, the effect is doubled, the budget is halved
Double efficiency
Coexistence and change of various printing methods such as offset, flexo and silk screen on the same machine.
Any unit completes the fusion of offset, flexo and silk screen, which makes the offset color fine, the flexo color
is full and gorgeous, the silk screen color is piled up, and it can be concentrated on the same print.
Full-rotation, stable operation, no reciprocating motion, low tension requirements for substrates, suitable for
most of self-adhesive, cardboard, copper paper, tissue paper, plastic film, aluminized paper, washed cloth, etc.
For the printing of substrates, the thickness can be from 0.03 mm to 0.4 mm. In the thickness of 0.02 mm, the
thickness of the PET film is still quite good.
The design speed is 150 m/min, ensuring a normal running speed of 120 m/min. Under the condition that the
national standard requires overprinting accuracy of 0.1 mm, the special type of material is overprinted to
0.05 mm, and the common materials are overprinted at 0.03 mm
Win the best results with the least budget
Half the effort
This is the combined printing solution from (JDP)
Use forward-looking technology to bring "a rich future",
The new rotary intelligent combination machine will surely provide
a delightful new printing experience for the
"unexplored explorer" who is determined and controlled.

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