JDP web press enters the northeast market in China
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Since the launch of the new product transformation strategy in 2015, the 2016 JDL-420 series of multi-functional intelligent web printing press debuted at the All In Print Exhibition. In 2017, the user-customized 7-color offset and flexo combination models have been ins talled. Crossing the mountains and reaching the Jilin customers who have traveled thousands of miles away, opening a long journey into the label market
The JDP R&D team arrived at the customer¡¯s factory and witnessed the settlement of the new model. JDL-420 had been successfully installed and entered the best working condition. The printing materials cover coated paper, cardboard, stickers, laser, pearl, aluminum foil, BOPP, PET and so on. This means that the JDP web press has entered the label market in an all-round way, opening the prelude to brand extension and injecting new impetus into the domestic printing industry.
The clear new product system is part of the manufacturing and supply chain system. JDP has 60 years of experience in the manufacture of sheetfed offset printing presses, and will become the production base of web printing presses in the future. It will not only meet the needs of the local market, but also supply other markets abroad.
By further promoting the implementation of the new manufacturing strategy, JDP ensures that users enjoy high-efficiency, high-precision and multi-functional products, and thus achieve leadingmanufacturing strength, and form a sustainable development competitiveness in the domestic and foreign markets.
"Because of acquaintance, we know each other and know each other because we know each other." As a domestic printing machine brand owned by the Chinese, please believe that JDP has gained more recognition and trust and become a national industry with its quality and excellent performance.

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