In March, it's better to come to Guangzhou.
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01. Next stop, Guangzhou

The Millennium Capital of Commerce

If you use a word to describe Guangzhou, it must be very difficult.

Some people say that Guangzhou is poetic.

Most of the poetry is the feeling of flowers blooming and sunshine beautiful scenery.

Some people say that Guangzhou is vast.

It's not just the skyline, it's the south gate to the world.

Some people say that Guangzhou is colorful.

To show you its golden hope,

Grass-green warmth, sky-blue attachment.

Some people say that Guangzhou is a blend.

Standing on the fifth floor overlooking the old city, literature and art, modern new city.

02. Come to Guangzhou

All glorious things will become history and constantly refresh themselves.

Since the advent of web press,

The R&D team has gone through five years of intensive optimization iterations.

Various series of products have been launched one after another.

And will attend China International Label Printing Technology Exhibition for the first time

"We are going to Guangzhou, a thousand-year-old business capital, in the vast sea

Throw a heart of sincerity and hope that this stone will be able to

Strike a ripple, ripple can roll up a huge wave.

This is Zhongjing's announcement to the world!

3 know how to create

Better understanding of problem solving
Give us trust

Automatic Overprint System

Multi-unit overprinting is better than other systems

Overprint adjustment accuracy reaches 0.01mm

One key automatically meets the overprint requirement

Magnesium-aluminium alloy plate cylinder and blanket cylinder sleeve

Easy to change printing format and type

Automatic Setting of Equipment Status

Automatic Control of Offset Water and Ink Quantity and Overprint Control

And real-time detection

Unit Module Combination Design

It can be used for 2-12 color printing.

Combination offset printing, flexo printing, silk printing, cold ironing, super polishing, film coating and other processes

Address: Pazhou China Import and Export Commodity Fair and Exhibition Hall, Guangzhou

Booth: Area A-2.1 Hall-2605

Machine models: JDL420 full-wheel multi-function combination printing press, JD-XL330 series combination trademark printing press

Exhibition Date: Mar.4 to 6,2019

JDP invites you to visit

Sino-Label Printing Exhibition 2019


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