Labelexpo Europe 2019 - First Show of JDF330
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Exhibition opening time£º24 to 27 September

Exhibition address£ºBelgium - Brussels - Brussels Convention and Exhibition Centre

Holding cycle£ºEvery 2 years

Exhibition introduction£º

As the vane of the global label printing industry, Europa has always been leading the industry's annual trend with innovative ideas and cutting-edge products.

Labelexpo Europe, a European Label Printing and Packaging Fair, is hosted every two years by British Tassos Exhibition Co., Ltd. Founded in London in 1980 and moved to Brussels in 1985, it has been recognized as the largest and most professional label exhibition in the world. It is the Flagship Exhibition of international label industry activities. At the same time, the exhibition is also an important window for label enterprises to choose as product launching and technology exhibition, enjoying the reputation of "Olympic Label Printing Industry".

Scope of exhibits:

- Equipment: Label Printer, Label Application Technology, Label Marking Machinery and System, Digital Printing Equipment

- Printing Machinery: Shrinkage and Runner Printing Machinery, Folding Box, Shrinkage Packaging

- Packaging Material: Packaging Printing and Production, Image Art, Wet Glue Label, Label, Printing Label

- Various materials: marking and encryption system, bar code, cutting machine and drum machine, various accessories and chemicals, ink and other decoration materials

During this time, JD press shows the JDF330 flexo printing machine series, and bring Axle-free Flexo Printing-Flexible and Economical Green Printing Solution.

This is the first flexographic printing machine of JD press. It is very suitable for printing paper, film, adhesive and other materials.


Let¡¯s take a look

What new technologies are unveiled?

Maximum exiblity and convenience with exo printing

The shaftless exo printing unit uses high-precision servo control technology. Thanks to this technology, the print repeat length has no restrictions due to the gear and the gear spacing. It also eliminates excessive noise and print streaks caused by the gear vibrations.

Lightweight exo sleeves - the lightweight material of the exo sleeves and the in atable structure, makes for user friendly handling.

Flexible combined inline technologies - Cold foil stamping, lamination, de-lam /re-lam, reverse side printing and turnbars can be used for different product requirements.

More economical and environmentally friendly printing

Maximum-precision and stability of the sleeves decreases the vibration in the printing processes, resulting in the optimal printing experience.

Compact design of web path - the web path has been specially designed to minimize wasted space.

Pre-registration and auto registration system - These systems make it possible for faster changeover and less material loss. This process needs no manual adjustment to ensure the best results.

Combination of UV, infrared and hot air drying - Through the combination, the printing can be water- based ink or UV ink, which makes it more environmentally friendly.

Spot News
At this exhibition, JDF330 is very popular, and Russian customers showed great interest. They operated under the guidance of technical engineers, and then the customer signed and ordered the machine on site!

Promoting your Career forward

Welcome printing companies and peers from all over the world.

Together, we witnessed JDPRESS.

And can see the actual operation.


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